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putting the dog to sleep || a lie low at lupin’s playlist

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let’s be real, when james found out about remus and sirius circa sixth or seventh year after they’d been together just a short while he probably looked at them all confused and was like, “wait, you mean you HAVEN’T been together since third year???”

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i wanted to try and reverse the frames of the sirius/remus hug and i


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Remus/Sirius Princess Bride au

  • Sirius is Buttercup (stubborn and fiesty and aloof)
  • Remus is Wesley (brave and snarky and taking nobody’s shit)
  • Remus rolling his eyes behind his mask when Sirius gives the I DIED THAT DAY speech
  • Sirius dramatically flinging himself down a hill (‘Oh my sweet Remus, what have I done?’)
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Lets talk about wolfstar/jily double dates please


I firmly believe nine times out of ten lily and remus want to go somewhere nice and have a nice meal and some wine and talk about the neat things in their life and sirius and james want to go to MONSTER TRUCK RALLIES so their double dates just sort of involve sirius and james doing DANGEROUS THRILLING STUFF and remus and lily getting cotton candy and fondly complaining about their respective partners and four hours later everyone realizes that they’re enjoying their date with the wrong person and it’s not even a problem.

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Omg yes, normally gentle and meek remus being rough as fuck with sirius when they fuck, biting and grunting in sirius' ear

yes. i have a huge soft spot for dominant remus in bed, especially with sirius. and i love cocky, full of shit sirius being a good little sub, too, so it works out nicely.

but yes, if anything, i can see sirius being the more “gentle” one. he’s not gentle gentle, but he’s never as rough as remus is because remus really can’t help it. his inner-wolfy poo just kind of takes over, so he likes to fuck fuck and it’s almost always rough and intense and he’s always demanding and good god he has such a dirty mouth and sirius can’t understand how remus could ever say such filthy, filthy things. but he doesn’t complain, oh no, of course not. he just lets remus flip him over and fuck him hard from behind and growl those filthy things in his ear before he grabs a handful of his hair and bites down hard on his shoulder, leaving behind a scattering of little marks and bruises. and sirius loves it. i imagine it’s always especially rough before the full moon because remus just wants sirius and moony wants him, too. so he fucks him. hard. and sirius loves every second of it.

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Sirius begging and calling Remus "Sir" although it's not something he's ever done before but it slips out 'cause he's all caught up in the moment and Remus is very surprised by how much he likes it

um, yes. subby!sirius rocks my world. and remus’, too.

but remus never ever would have expected sirius to call him sir because he’s sirius black and he’s arrogant as fuck and, honestly, sirius never even calls their professors “sir” or “ma’am.” but then it slips out when remus is making him beg (“ask for it, black” "please. please, sir, please.") and remus doesn’t even know what to do because frick he really likes it. so he tells sirius to say it again and he does ("please, sir. please fuck me, sir.") because he’s an obedient little shit.

aND NO BUT THEN after azkaban remus is a professor and sirius, the cheeky little thing, is all like ohh moony looks like i have a reason to call you sir now and he’s being a shit but he means it and then they fuck and sirius calls him sir again and it’s even better because remus is a sir this time and basically they both just really like subby!sirius because, c’mon, who doesn’t?

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paddypads answered your post: so let’s talk headcanons?

genderfluid sirius and remus helps brew potions so that sirius can be physically female when desired

oh wow, i love this SO SO MUCH because like genderfluid sirius!!!!! yes yes YES YES THIS IS VERY GOOD. and even though remus isn’t great at potions, he works extra hard and does a lot of research to figure out how to make these potions when sirius tells him that they’re genderfluid. and it takes a little while, but remus eventually works it out and he surprises sirius with it one day when they identify as female and he just tells them to take it and they do and it takes a minute to work and sirius is all what the fuck, moony, why did you have me drink that it tasted like shite but then it works and they’re physically female and they’re so so SO happy and it makes remus happy, too. and finally FINALLY sirius feels happy and comfortable in their own skin and OF COURSE they flaunt it and don’t bother feeling ashamed or explaining anything to anyone and when they identify as female they go ALL OUT (and lily and the gryffindor girls probably lets them borrow clothes and stuff, lbr) and sirius is just so so happy and finally they thank remus by KISSING HIM and it’s really cute and really sweet and really fluffy and YES THIS IS A WONDERFUL THING.

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Sirius likes to be tied up during sex but is very much not a fan of pain. Both he and Remus like it rough! And Sirius prefers the bottom.

bottom sirius will forever be my favorite thing, and remus’ favorite thing, too. and yes yes YES sirius LOVES being tied up (and remus loves it because who wouldn’t love to have arrgoant, aristocratic, kind of obnoxious sirius helpless and at his mercy????). sirius loves it, though. he loves being under remus’ control like that and he loves being able to wholly trust him. and, really, remus is the only one who can reduce him to a begging, pleading mess because remus TEASES him. he has a lot of patience and he doesn’t mind taking it slow and TEASING sirius. but of course sirius just WHINES because c’mon, remus, that’s not fair just bloody touch me already. but remus just smirks and keeps teasing and he knows he’ll have sirius begging in no time because sirius is tied up and can’t do anything about it. and he’s right, and sirius BEGS. so remus fucks him. hard. rough. and they both love it.

yes, good, this is very good.

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Remus singing “Hungry Like the Wolf” when he gets really drunk.

and sirius sings it all the time they’re both sober and secretly remus thinks it’s kind of funny but he would never tell sirius that because he knows better than to encourage him. and then remus gets really really drunk and it comes on the radio or something and he sings it at the top of his lungs (very off-key, mind you) and he busts out some of his exclusive lupin dance moves and sirius thinks it’s really very endearing and he really wants to make out with him but also just sit and watch the radiant beauty that is piss-drunk remus lupin singing “hungry like the wolf” because he is having a damn great time entertaining himself by pretending to be some sort of wolf as he sings and spills his liquor all over the carpet.

yes. this a very good thing.

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sirius likes to be bitten while making love

um YES. i love this more than just about anything else. because lbr, remus loves to bite and leave marks because sirius is his and fuck it all if sirius doesn’t love being marked and claimed. and it always gets him so so so close whenever remus bites his neck and his shoulder (especially when remus is fucking him from behind and it’s rough and animalistic and just the way they like it). and of course he’ll walk around and proudly wear his numerous hickeys and bite marks the next day because he has no shame and he wants to people to know that he belongs to remus.

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the forty line stare.

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the forty line stare.

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in love with the marauders era (4/?)

It was all quite strange, when you think about it - secret touches in broom closest and spending an unusual amount of time doing homework together, stolen glances in lessons… Of course, Sirius didn’t think about it. Remus, however, did. A lot.


in love with the marauders era (4/?)

It was all quite strange, when you think about it - secret touches in broom closest and spending an unusual amount of time doing homework together, stolen glances in lessons… Of course, Sirius didn’t think about it. Remus, however, did. A lot.

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 top tip: if you’re feeling down, draw an ancient otp in a totally clichéd scenario ps: someone should write this fic pps: i’m sorry for all the hp


top tip: if you’re feeling down, draw an ancient otp in a totally clichéd scenario
ps: someone should write this fic
pps: i’m sorry for all the hp

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Kept pristine. One of Remus’s favorite memories: Sirius and him happy with each other; it was beautiful, simple, perfect. It had sat on the mantle next to Lily and James’s wedding photo and the picture of Harry the day he was born. His favorite picture.

Later burned. In a fit of rage. Lily and James dead. Peter dead, with Sirius as his killer. Everything he’d loved gone. How had he ever loved a man who could do what Sirius had done. 

Later salvaged. Rescued from the flames as Remus sobbed. He wanted to hate Sirius. He did hate him for betraying Lily and James, for killing Peter. But he couldn’t hate Sirius. At least not the Sirius who smiled at him from the photo where he sat arm around a younger Remus, both so in love.

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