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can I just say that sirius black being shorter than remus lupin is so important to me


Sirius Black is shorter than Remus Lupin. He is. At one point in third year he thought he may have a chance at being taller, but when Remus comes back after summer break, he’s had another growth spurt. Sirius pouts about it a bit, but he deals with it. Remus likes to tease him about this.

When they start dating, this becomes a lot cuter. 

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Lets talk about wolfstar/jily double dates please


I firmly believe nine times out of ten lily and remus want to go somewhere nice and have a nice meal and some wine and talk about the neat things in their life and sirius and james want to go to MONSTER TRUCK RALLIES so their double dates just sort of involve sirius and james doing DANGEROUS THRILLING STUFF and remus and lily getting cotton candy and fondly complaining about their respective partners and four hours later everyone realizes that they’re enjoying their date with the wrong person and it’s not even a problem.

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No but just imagine James, Sirius, and Peter being exhausted after the night of the full moon and being ridiculed by the professors as they’re trying not to fall asleep in class and being called arrogant and selfish by Snape and being told off by Lily for being lazy and they can’t tell anyone that they just spent an entire night caring for a werewolf so they remain quiet and take the scoldings like the brave boys they are.

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But I bet when Sirius was upset he was like a hurricane, ripping through the dorms and the common room and knocking over chairs and bodily shoving kids out of his way, throwing papers and books in the fire, hexing anyone who gets in his way

and Remus was probably really mild mannered, never losing his cool in front of everyone, and so it was always kind of odd to everyone that he ended up with Sirius who was emotional to the point of scary

And the day that Sirius gets the letter telling him Alphard died he’s inconsolable, flipping tables over in the common room and turning a first year’s chess board over, and a scared student goes to fetch Remus from out by the lake

When they come back into the common room Remus goes right up to Sirius, who is yelling at a couple of younger kids to get out of his way, and touches his shoulder and asks him what happened. Sirius crumbles into him immediately, burying his face into his shoulder, and Remus leads him over to his favorite arm chair in front of the fire. They spend the rest of the night curled up together there, whispering to each other quietly. Sirius eventually falls asleep in Remus’ lap

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modern day marauders would definitely feature a sirius black who listens to the mountain goats and andrew jackson jihad and neutral milk hotel but still is super into punk aesthetics, he just got his music taste from Remus’ muggle CDs

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but sirius living with ocd and mysophobia

and his trunk is organized just the way he likes it and he has to wash his hands three or four times before and after he does anything and he just has these rituals and routines for getting ready in the morning and for getting ready for bed, and sometimes they make him late for class (even though he doesn’t mind that, anyway, because he’s never really been punctual).

and at first the marauders just think he’s all uppity and very much so a pureblood because he doesn’t like them touching his things and he gets very very upset when they do, and he can take ages to get ready in the morning and they don’t understand it. and they don’t understand why he has to touch some things over and over and over again before he can do something else.

but they respect his wishes and don’t touch his things and allow him to do his little rituals. and as they get older, they start to realize that there’s something else going on, so they’re extra considerate of it.

then one time snape knocks sirius’ stuff all over the floor and he starts to get Very Upset, so peter jinxes him and james and remus wash their hands and gather sirius’ things and wipe them down and wash their hands again before giving them back to sirius. and sirius knows he has these really great friends and he loves them very much.

and also, lbr, there are times when he’s kissing remus before class and he has to redo it several times so that it feels right. and remus always allows for extra time beforehand. and sometimes sirius just keeps remus even after he gets it right because why the hell not

and just

mysophobic sirius with ocd

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AU where Remus and Sirius don't know each other until Remus becomes Harry's teacher at school and at Parent-Teacher night or whatever, Remus catches Sirius' eye across the room (because Sirius totally raises Harry) and Remus catches a bad case of Hot Dad Syndrome right away.


frick frick frick i’ve been thinking about this all day at school

  • firstly sirius raising harry and all the other parents giving him disgusted looks when he comes in with his leather jacket and biker boots because they think he’s a stupid delinquent with an accidental child
  • and everyone is so surprised when they see how much he adores harry and how well he takes care of him
  • (also anyone is going to catch a bad case of Hot Dad Syndrome when they see sirius cmon)
  • and remus flushing as harry points over at him and grins (because remus is such a good teacher and he is harry’s favourite and sirius never hears the end of ‘mr. lupin gave me chocolate, pads!! he gives me lots nd lots!’)
  • and harry pulls sirius along to remus’ little table and they sit down and remus clears his throat a little nervously as he searches down his list for harry’s name
  • and he looks back up at sirius after he’s found the details and he holds his hand out to shake formally saying ‘ah, Mr. black is it? parental guardian of harry?’
  • and sirius just smirks as he shakes remus’ hand, being all like ‘it’s sirius, please. and i’m his godfather, parental guardian makes me sound so much older than i am!’
  • and remus smiles a little at how casual sirius is with him (and the fact that harry isn’t his actual child because maybe there’s a chance there??? no, he shouldn’t be thinking like that. just a normal parent-teacher meeting)
  • and they carry on with remus explaining to sirius about how good harry is and how he’s a little bit of a trouble maker but he always tries to do the right thing eventually
  • and remus can’t help but notice the immense pride in sirius’ eyes as he speaks (even if it is when he’s mentioning what a little rascal harry can be)
  • and then just as they’re getting to the end, remus forgets he had to do some admin work
  • and he goes ‘so, you’re raising harry as a single parent— I mean, godfather?’ as he shuffles his sheets around to find harry’s document
  • and sirius just chuckles and can’t help but tease remus a little like ‘yeah, i am single, thanks for asking. could’ve just asked me out for coffee if you wanted’ 
  • and remus flushes, but can’t help himself from smiling back at sirius and being like ‘err, yes, coffee. coffee’s good.’ and he’s stuttering ike an adorable little thing
  • and sirius just slips the pen out of remus’ fingers and scribbles his number down on harry’s document
  • omggggg this is my favourite au im sorry that this went on so long  i need fic and fanart of this stat

send me headcanons or AUs to celebrate me finishing school!!

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headcanon where remus spends years trying to get sirius to like tea and he finally finally manages to find a tea sirius will drink and after sirius is sent to azkaban it just sits in the tea cupboard getting dusty and every time remus puts on the kettle and opens the cupboard he gets sad.

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Sirius totally knowing Remus’ middle name is John but whenever he breaks out the full name he’ll throw in ridiculous middle names like

"Of COURSE he got a perfect score on the Charms exam, HE’S REMUS THADDEUS LUPIN"


Fuck, Remus Elizabeth Lupin—”

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headcanon prompt for sirius black + talking


  • sirius has two volumes: off and on.
  • even his whispers are exaggerated stage whispers
  • because sirius black loves the sound of his own voice (even though he vehemently denies it in long tirades… sometimes he realizes the irony, but he usually doesn’t)
  • he doesn’t sound like the rest of his family, all high-spoken and articulate,
  • in fact he spent a long time trying to drop that sacred 28 pomp
  • and it’s just this fucking mess of nobility and vagabond inarticulation 
  • remus learns later on that sirius black also has a third volume: “painfully aroused”
  • sirius black knows how to talk dirty. oh lord. sirius black would win the gold medal in dirty talking. sometimes he says something during sex that makes remus blush so hard he has to take a minute to compose himself.
  • in fact he’s really good at “painfully aroused” voice (he gets a lot of practice) all low and smooth and it FUCKS. REMUS. UP. IT RUINS HIM.
  • just the pitch of sirius’ voice, the way it resonates in his chest when he’s happy, the way remus can put a hand on his chest and feel the way he sounds
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Remus putting his hand on Sirius’ face whenever he’s talking too much because one time they were at a pub and saw a woman doing that to her dog when she wanted it to stop barking.

and it works and then every single time sirius won’t shut the frick frack up remus just puts his hand on his face to make him stop. and then probably gives him scratches behind his ear, lbr.

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Omg yes, normally gentle and meek remus being rough as fuck with sirius when they fuck, biting and grunting in sirius' ear

yes. i have a huge soft spot for dominant remus in bed, especially with sirius. and i love cocky, full of shit sirius being a good little sub, too, so it works out nicely.

but yes, if anything, i can see sirius being the more “gentle” one. he’s not gentle gentle, but he’s never as rough as remus is because remus really can’t help it. his inner-wolfy poo just kind of takes over, so he likes to fuck fuck and it’s almost always rough and intense and he’s always demanding and good god he has such a dirty mouth and sirius can’t understand how remus could ever say such filthy, filthy things. but he doesn’t complain, oh no, of course not. he just lets remus flip him over and fuck him hard from behind and growl those filthy things in his ear before he grabs a handful of his hair and bites down hard on his shoulder, leaving behind a scattering of little marks and bruises. and sirius loves it. i imagine it’s always especially rough before the full moon because remus just wants sirius and moony wants him, too. so he fucks him. hard. and sirius loves every second of it.

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Sirius begging and calling Remus "Sir" although it's not something he's ever done before but it slips out 'cause he's all caught up in the moment and Remus is very surprised by how much he likes it

um, yes. subby!sirius rocks my world. and remus’, too.

but remus never ever would have expected sirius to call him sir because he’s sirius black and he’s arrogant as fuck and, honestly, sirius never even calls their professors “sir” or “ma’am.” but then it slips out when remus is making him beg (“ask for it, black” "please. please, sir, please.") and remus doesn’t even know what to do because frick he really likes it. so he tells sirius to say it again and he does ("please, sir. please fuck me, sir.") because he’s an obedient little shit.

aND NO BUT THEN after azkaban remus is a professor and sirius, the cheeky little thing, is all like ohh moony looks like i have a reason to call you sir now and he’s being a shit but he means it and then they fuck and sirius calls him sir again and it’s even better because remus is a sir this time and basically they both just really like subby!sirius because, c’mon, who doesn’t?

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paddypads answered your post: so let’s talk headcanons?

genderfluid sirius and remus helps brew potions so that sirius can be physically female when desired

oh wow, i love this SO SO MUCH because like genderfluid sirius!!!!! yes yes YES YES THIS IS VERY GOOD. and even though remus isn’t great at potions, he works extra hard and does a lot of research to figure out how to make these potions when sirius tells him that they’re genderfluid. and it takes a little while, but remus eventually works it out and he surprises sirius with it one day when they identify as female and he just tells them to take it and they do and it takes a minute to work and sirius is all what the fuck, moony, why did you have me drink that it tasted like shite but then it works and they’re physically female and they’re so so SO happy and it makes remus happy, too. and finally FINALLY sirius feels happy and comfortable in their own skin and OF COURSE they flaunt it and don’t bother feeling ashamed or explaining anything to anyone and when they identify as female they go ALL OUT (and lily and the gryffindor girls probably lets them borrow clothes and stuff, lbr) and sirius is just so so happy and finally they thank remus by KISSING HIM and it’s really cute and really sweet and really fluffy and YES THIS IS A WONDERFUL THING.

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swordsatmidnight answered your post: so let’s talk headcanons?

Sirius likes to be tied up during sex but is very much not a fan of pain. Both he and Remus like it rough! And Sirius prefers the bottom.

bottom sirius will forever be my favorite thing, and remus’ favorite thing, too. and yes yes YES sirius LOVES being tied up (and remus loves it because who wouldn’t love to have arrgoant, aristocratic, kind of obnoxious sirius helpless and at his mercy????). sirius loves it, though. he loves being under remus’ control like that and he loves being able to wholly trust him. and, really, remus is the only one who can reduce him to a begging, pleading mess because remus TEASES him. he has a lot of patience and he doesn’t mind taking it slow and TEASING sirius. but of course sirius just WHINES because c’mon, remus, that’s not fair just bloody touch me already. but remus just smirks and keeps teasing and he knows he’ll have sirius begging in no time because sirius is tied up and can’t do anything about it. and he’s right, and sirius BEGS. so remus fucks him. hard. rough. and they both love it.

yes, good, this is very good.

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