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sirius black with a tramp stamp

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let’s be real, when james found out about remus and sirius circa sixth or seventh year after they’d been together just a short while he probably looked at them all confused and was like, “wait, you mean you HAVEN’T been together since third year???”

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my hand+wrist+forearm went NOPE so back to the brace we go


my hand+wrist+forearm went NOPE so back to the brace we go

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(Sirius Black at 2am in the Gryffindor dormitory)

That description.

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headcanon prompt for sirius black + talking


  • sirius has two volumes: off and on.
  • even his whispers are exaggerated stage whispers
  • because sirius black loves the sound of his own voice (even though he vehemently denies it in long tirades… sometimes he realizes the irony, but he usually doesn’t)
  • he doesn’t sound like the rest of his family, all high-spoken and articulate,
  • in fact he spent a long time trying to drop that sacred 28 pomp
  • and it’s just this fucking mess of nobility and vagabond inarticulation 
  • remus learns later on that sirius black also has a third volume: “painfully aroused”
  • sirius black knows how to talk dirty. oh lord. sirius black would win the gold medal in dirty talking. sometimes he says something during sex that makes remus blush so hard he has to take a minute to compose himself.
  • in fact he’s really good at “painfully aroused” voice (he gets a lot of practice) all low and smooth and it FUCKS. REMUS. UP. IT RUINS HIM.
  • just the pitch of sirius’ voice, the way it resonates in his chest when he’s happy, the way remus can put a hand on his chest and feel the way he sounds
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paddypads answered your post: so let’s talk headcanons?

genderfluid sirius and remus helps brew potions so that sirius can be physically female when desired

oh wow, i love this SO SO MUCH because like genderfluid sirius!!!!! yes yes YES YES THIS IS VERY GOOD. and even though remus isn’t great at potions, he works extra hard and does a lot of research to figure out how to make these potions when sirius tells him that they’re genderfluid. and it takes a little while, but remus eventually works it out and he surprises sirius with it one day when they identify as female and he just tells them to take it and they do and it takes a minute to work and sirius is all what the fuck, moony, why did you have me drink that it tasted like shite but then it works and they’re physically female and they’re so so SO happy and it makes remus happy, too. and finally FINALLY sirius feels happy and comfortable in their own skin and OF COURSE they flaunt it and don’t bother feeling ashamed or explaining anything to anyone and when they identify as female they go ALL OUT (and lily and the gryffindor girls probably lets them borrow clothes and stuff, lbr) and sirius is just so so happy and finally they thank remus by KISSING HIM and it’s really cute and really sweet and really fluffy and YES THIS IS A WONDERFUL THING.

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Remus singing “Hungry Like the Wolf” when he gets really drunk.

and sirius sings it all the time they’re both sober and secretly remus thinks it’s kind of funny but he would never tell sirius that because he knows better than to encourage him. and then remus gets really really drunk and it comes on the radio or something and he sings it at the top of his lungs (very off-key, mind you) and he busts out some of his exclusive lupin dance moves and sirius thinks it’s really very endearing and he really wants to make out with him but also just sit and watch the radiant beauty that is piss-drunk remus lupin singing “hungry like the wolf” because he is having a damn great time entertaining himself by pretending to be some sort of wolf as he sings and spills his liquor all over the carpet.

yes. this a very good thing.

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sirius likes to be bitten while making love

um YES. i love this more than just about anything else. because lbr, remus loves to bite and leave marks because sirius is his and fuck it all if sirius doesn’t love being marked and claimed. and it always gets him so so so close whenever remus bites his neck and his shoulder (especially when remus is fucking him from behind and it’s rough and animalistic and just the way they like it). and of course he’ll walk around and proudly wear his numerous hickeys and bite marks the next day because he has no shame and he wants to people to know that he belongs to remus.

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"what is life without a little risk?"

"what is life without a little risk?"

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 top tip: if you’re feeling down, draw an ancient otp in a totally clichéd scenario ps: someone should write this fic pps: i’m sorry for all the hp


top tip: if you’re feeling down, draw an ancient otp in a totally clichéd scenario
ps: someone should write this fic
pps: i’m sorry for all the hp

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sirius who spends a lot of time on his appearance is cool but there’s also sirius who doesnt care at all, will probably use cleaning charms on himself every other day, shaves haphazardly, literally falls out of bed and goes to class in yesterday’s clothes, and still looks “handsome” and has hair that falls into his eyes with “casual elegance”

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The Theme Song of Sirius Black

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padfoot + muggle things


  • well canonically we know sirius loved muggle things because it pissed off his family
  • and i think that was a big part of why sirius was interested in muggle things but i think he was just genuinely excited to get a glimpse into this wildly different culture
  • he didn’t want to take muggle studies because that would be boring but on holidays he and james (and peter and remus whenever they could make it) would go to muggle london and just roam around and look at everything
  • if remus and/or peter were there they wouldn’t stop asking them questions like “is there actually a tiny person inside a dishwasher that does them for you” or “how did they get this thing so tiny and still make it look exactly like a hedgehog? they must be magic they have to be”
  • but i also think that sirius would be much more interested in the relatively safety of muggle life
  • like he still loved magic and everything it could do but he had also experienced the darkness of magic from a very young age (and potentially have it used against him, i wouldn’t put anything past walburga black) in a way that none of his friends understood
  • so in his eyes muggle life would be peaceful and so easy and that would have really appealed to him
  • like james would have probably got tired of exploring after he discovered records and the cinema “BALL POINT PENS SIRIUS YOU DONT EVEN HAVE TO STOP FOR INK ONCE”
  • but sirius would have kept going back without him and tried to incorporate as much of muggle culture into his life as he could
  • (eg. the flying motorbike: sirius took a muggle item and messed around with it until it was a bit of both worlds, just like he wanted to be)
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literally cant stop drawing them you think im joking but


literally cant stop drawing them you think im joking but

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