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Marauders Aesthetics: Remus’ Bite


Marauders Aesthetics: Remus’ Bite

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Remus/Sirius, one of them works the 4th meal shift at the Taco Bell drive in


i’m so glad about this holy shit it made me laugh so hard at work, im going over the three sentencel imit, idc.

sirius squints at the driver in the car through the drive thru window and frowns; he is holding a bag with three tacos, a nacho bellgrande, two caramel apple empanadas, and a crunchwrap supreme, so he asks, unabashedly, “all of this is yours?”

"um," the driver says. his hair is curly and messy and when the wind blows, suddenly, sirius can smell the leftovers of the joint that was just finished, and understands, so the driver merely continues, "can i get, uh, fire sauce - like as much as you can give me - like so much that - just, a lot."

"oh my god," sirius says, laughing. "i - yes, okay. a lot." he turns away, and finds that when he’s gathered what by his definition is ‘a lot’ of sauce, the guy in the car is still staring at him. "so uh - are you okay?"

"how long is your hair?" is the abrupt reply, causing sirius to instinctively reach up and make sure his hat it on straight and his bun hasn’t fallen.

"oh - i don’t know? long?" this is the most bizarre conversation. the headset is still beeping in his ear and he ignores it.

"i like it."

"i’m wearing a hat," sirius says with a snort. "here is your food - " sirius hands him one bag, which the other guy takes " - and your sauce."

"wait!" the driver says, loud enough that sirius is startled, and puts a hand on his wrist still in the process of trying to give this poor stoned child his  sauce. "i really like it. my name is remus. like - it looks good, in the bun."

sirius’s lips curl into a half smile, and he leans a little further out the window. remus’s hand on his wrist is warm and his fingers are calloused. “are you trying to hit on me in a drive through, remus?”

"i - yes, probably."

"well, you’re doing a piss poor job of it," sirius replies, cheerfully. "take your sauce and come back round in an hour and try again, hm?"

and so remus does.

((why is this happenign to me, why did i do this))

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01. of monsters and men - slow and steady 02. the xx - fiction 03. bastille - flaws 04. the cinematic orchestra - arrival of the birds 05. spring awakening - the guilty ones 06. the civil wars - 20 years 07. angus & julia stone - i’m not yours 08. ryan adams - come pick me up 09. sarah mclachlan - full of grace 10. broken family band - it’s all over 11. sara bareilles - satellite call 12. hudson taylor - chasing rubies 13. bush - out of this world 14. the national - terrible love

{listen here}

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It turned out there was much PDA to be had.


It turned out there was much PDA to be had.

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"He scares me," whispered Peter, as James howled with laughter.


"He scares me," whispered Peter, as James howled with laughter.

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putting the dog to sleep || a lie low at lupin’s playlist

prove to me i’m not gonna die alone


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"Remus thinks, I will never be able to touch anyone like that. Remus thinks, I want to."
— The Shoebox Project, Part 23 (May 1977: A few good kisses. A few bad ones. A few right ones. One picture.)
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do u ever think about post-azkables padfoot like

how sirius probably turns into a dog when he feels scared or how he spends days as a dog because he can’t quite articulate what he needs to say and dogs are better at feeling things than thinking them and that helps

how they get in little fights and sirius just turns into a dog because he doesn’t want to scare remus and being a dog is easier than being right, or wrong, or anything in between

how it probably hurts sirius to be a human sometimes and have to deal with human sorrow so he’ll crawl into bed at night as a dog and remus will just bury his fingers in fur and murmur softly to him until they both fall asleep

how remus knows sirius is okay if he wakes up with his cheek against hair instead of fur

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Post-Azkaban Wolfstar makes me so sad, I mean just think about it…

  • Remus trying not to be mad at Sirius because the man’s been in prison for twelve years but he’s actually really hurt about what happened that night
  • Remus has been feeling guilty as fuck for longing for Sirius for so long and feeling happy when he thinks back on happy times and maybe he had just gotten over it all and moved on when BAM stupidhandsomefaceSirius comes stumbling back around
  • Sirius would be so guilt ridden and he had processed all of that and resigned himself to a life in Azkaban as punishment for failed loyalty and then he’s out and (sorta) free
  • But Remus is being emotionally distant and that makes Sirius feel even worse
  • But because they don’t know how to communicate at all as adults neither one brings up how they are feeling and it all just festers
  • And don’t forget there is a good chance Sirius was dealing with some mental health issues (seems like a family history thing) which is just another thing for him to sort through before he feels he can approach Remus about all that sexual tension building up…
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Sneak Attack (aka Remus is smooth as fuck)

So a while ago dandelions-fly asked me for some of her most favourite wolfstar pairing for when I asked for palette challenges, buuuuuuut I got bored with that and I got this really dumb idea for a comic for them so I decided to do that instead. I don’t really ship these guys too strongly so I’m not quite sure about what there interactions would be like but for this comic I imagined Sirius just fooling around and trying to surprise Remus but Remus is so used to how he acts so he counterattacks and Sirius is a huge dork about it.

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sirius black with a tramp stamp

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remus reverently and trepidatiously washes and trims sirius’ hair after he gets out of azkaban and they don’t talk but when he’s done sirius runs a hand through his hair and smiles and it’s the first sirius black smile remus has seen in years

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Remus and Sirius during the First Wizarding War.

The war was starting in the 1970s, so when they got out of school …

"You don’t know who Voldemort’s supporters are, you don’t know who’s working for him and who isn’t; you know he can control people so that they do terrible things without being able to stop themselves. You’re scared for yourself, and your family, and your friends. Every week, news comes of more deaths, more disappearances, more torturing… The Ministry of Magic’s in disarray, they don’t know what to do, they’re trying to keep everything hidden from the Muggles, but meanwhile, Muggles are dying too. Terror everywhere… panic… confusion…"

And these two young people are among the ones fighting in this War. So if one of them is late one night … He might be dead in a ditch somewhere with a Dark Mark above the body.
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Sirius’ surprise at how vibrant mild-mannered Remus Lupin’s sexuality is is very important to me.

Like they’ve been sort of together and kissing and addressing Feelings and such for about two weeks when Sirius invites Remus to spend the night in his bed that night and Remus nods without looking up from the essay he’s writing and Sirius is kind of put off, like, obviously Moony didn’t hear him

But that night he’s in bed and the lights are out and the bathroom door shuts for the last time and a minute later, his curtains open and Remus pulls the blankets up and slides in underneath.

And Sirius is like well hello to you too, and Remus grins and asks him if he’s tired. And Sirius is like, well, we don’t have to do. Anything. I figured we’d cuddle or whatever, etc.

And Remus gives him this predatory smile that sends a shiver up his spine and presses closer until they’re touching from thighs to chest and he hooks his legs into Sirius’ and just asks him if he’s sure

They kiss for a little bit and then Remus is like, you talk about fucking people an awful lot for someone who claims to just want to cuddle, and he presses his hips flush against Sirius’, and even though he already knew from the look in Sirius’ eyes, he’s totally turned on and hard

And Remus laughs, like, what, you’ve never heard me curse before? And Sirius stutters and he’s like, well not in that context, and Remus ruts his hips against Sirius’ and leans in to whisper in his ear, I’d really rather fuck you than cuddle

They don’t end up going quite that far, but Sirius does learn that Remus is exceptionally good at giving head, time spent pulling away to make filthy comments aside. He’s up most of the night, wrapped up in Remus’ arms, wondering when he practiced so much.

He wakes up to a trail of red marks up and down his chest and stomach and Remus, lit by the stream of sunlight peeking through the crack in the curtains, playing with his hair and grinning at him lazily.

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